Monday, July 23, 2012

When in Mehico....

The rules of Colima, Mexico – If you ever plan on coming to Colima, Mexico, this is a short list of how to fit in.

Walk down the street drinking a juice or yogurt from a straw out of a bag

Bring your own bbq to a party to make carne asada

Put lime and salt in your beer

Make Michelada’s, your drink of choice

For men: Wear a cowboy hat (in this part of town) and/or gawk at everyone woman that passes by. Especially the foreign one that hates any sort of attention.

For women: Have perfect eyebrows and never leave home without your chunk heeled shoes.

Listen to Mexican music as loud as possible, all.the.time.

For men: Always wait for a woman to exit first. Carry her bag(s).

For women: When passing a man on the sidewalk, walk closest to the wall (to avoid the common belief that walking closest to the road means you are a “street worker”).

Greet each person individually with a kiss (for women) and a handshake for men. Same rule applies when leaving.

Eat tacos!

Drive a car that backfires outside of a house with open windows at 2 in the morning

Pump your index finger up and down to show you agree (without actually saying any words)

Listen to, and love, electronica.

Don’t listen to, and hate, reggaeton

I realized yesterday after the taxi driver told me he had seen me walking around town, could name exactly where I had been, and described my (tiny) neck tattoo, that I might be sticking out as a foreigner. I think the old man who gave me two wet kisses on the cheek because I was a gringa might also be an indication. Therefore I will embrace the ability to wear skin tight clothes in the sweltering heat (somehow without sweating), wear shoes that make me four to six inches taller, buy a bbq so I can start making friends with my awesome carne asada, somehow muster up the ability to lie about my preferance for reggaeton over electronica, and try to exercise my index finger more.

Also should probably work on getting a tan and learning Spanish….(all this in exactly that order)

Oh I forgot one thing. Get a dog that NEVER STOPS BARKING….(it will most likely be a chihuahua)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oh, how pretty she is.

A sneak peek at a project I'm working on, Coffee Porn.

Coffee Porn Preview from Gilad Cohen on Vimeo.

- Gilad

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


It is awesome and hilarious that these videos I made are getting more attention than I thought they would. Take for example, my first Espresso video, the Espresso Thief being mentioned by Presso themselves over here:

Then, I release the Presso Gangster last night and it quickly made its way to their official webpage again. That can be found over here:

Thanks to Presso for the greatest customer support I've experienced, ever. I've been emailing back and forth with them for a couple days now and enjoying it all.

- Gilad

The Espresso Gangster

Enjoy :)

The Espresso Gangster from Gilad Cohen on Vimeo.

- Gilad

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Espresso Thief

Please, let's keep the Academy Award comments at a minimum.

The Espresso Thief from Gilad Cohen on Vimeo.

- Gilad

Wednesday, January 4, 2012






- Gilad

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Today, we lay a man to rest.

Today the world lays to rest a man who overlooked a country during a massive famine. During a time when millions starved to death. We lay to rest a man who chose to build nuclear weapons than feed his people. A man who lived in excess while his people suffered. We lay to rest a man who oppressed his people. Who under his rule, imprisoned his own innocent people. Today, the world can say good riddance to a man who turned his own country into a prison where millions have died. A man who chose himself and not his country. Goodbye, Kim Jong-il. Bless the people of North Korea.

- Gilad